Sunday, March 30, 2008

Back from Holiday - Challenge update

Actually been back for one week today, but wasn't in the mood to update the blog. had a few life issues that had me tied up, but still managed to play several tournaments and work on completing my challenges.

$5 Sit n Go Challenge - COMPLETED

Played: 20
ITM: 35%
ROI: 27%

1st: 5
2nd: 2
3rd: 0
4th+: 13

So thats it... challenge completed. Didnt really crush this level, but made $29.50 profit. I haven't played single table sit n goes since '06 but i think my roi during this challenge is more than respectable, in fact i think it may be considered un-maintainable (is that even a word?).

Single table Strategy:
This level is where most beginners start at, so the level of play is understandably weak. Basically I played tight early until blinds got large and/or 4 to 5 players remain. Generally this will be around 50/100 to 75/150 blinds. Then shove any hand i'm willing to open from any position. Basic & simple.

These tournaments are good for players that are good at multitabling 8+ sngs. which is something i'm not good at and would not even attempt. The low roi requires large volume play to be profitable imo. which is why i'm sticking to multi-table sngs.


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I'm liking the new layout mate!

Any chance of changing the blog link to my new address please?


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