Saturday, April 19, 2008

Micro stakes update

The micro mtt sng turbos are still kicking my ass. I've taken to pushbotting and have gotten deep in a few. The chat goes crazy though with guys calling me donkey and bingo player... etc etc lol. As a result i get alot of spite calls later in the tourny when blinds become huge relative to stacks and i get call down lite alot. meh.

So lastnight i did two things I haven't done in a long time;

1. Played in a $12 180 man turbo sng. I wanted to play lastnight after work, around 12:30am, my normal $4/180s would take 4hrs... just too long. I decided to play the higher buyin turbo because i saw they take about half the time.I really enjoyed the game, it was soft and i got deep before making a questionable AI shove with M=9.5 to bust 40th. I normally shove around this M but with an EP limper in and my image perhaps i couldve chosen a better spot.

2. Played 25NL full ring cash for the first time in a year. I've been feeling interested in ring again recently. But i'm not gonna get involved with 6max or regular grinding. An hour four tabling 25nl now and again would not be bad. I quickly realized that i was way off that game, and was not sure what to do in several spots... especially post flop. still i managed to come away with a little profit... only making one major mistake with KK that cost alot.

I will study some on playing ring to refresh my skills at that game. I suspect it won't take long to get up to speed on standard play. Am also considering playing more $12 180 man sngs, after all i have the bankroll for it.

- Isgrinder


Defender said...


My name is Mike. I have like your site and have been visiting for a while now. Recently I started my own poker blog and was wondering if we could link our sites? I already have your site listed under my "favorite poker blogs section". Anyways my site is :

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Game101 said...

thanks mike... link added.

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