Monday, April 21, 2008

Sunday Tournament

I only played one MTT today, the $5 5K guaranteed at 1pm. I finished 57th out of 3353 for $27. Not a huge score, but i really had fun playing this tourny, i think i played really well actually except for a few mistakes.

I was running really well, accumulating chips with ease for most of the tourny when i ran into huge hand and lost 95% of my stack. Blinds were 600/1200 ante 125 I raised 3xbb with A9s from LP and was called by the BB, flop comes A7A and we proceed to get it AI. He had 77 and i was left with 1491 chips from my 33K stack. Then the fun began!

I don't know, perhaps i could've played the hand better or not at all but i was not tilted by the beat. The very next hand i had QQ and doubled. Next hand I had 33 and called utg's shove. My pair held against KJs and i doubled again. I doubled about 2 more times eventually getting my stack to about 22K. There were about 190 left and with blinds increasing there was constant pressure to stay ahead of the blinds. My M fluctuated between 5 - 8 the entire time. Eventually i got my stack up to 120k.

I was hoping for that one big hand that would push me over the top. With blinds 3500/7000 ante 700 i picked up KK in the big blind, my stack = 121k. A MP player with 62K shoves.... sweet! I call and its KK vs. As5s Flop: QcJs3d,Turn: 6s, River: Ah... i lost half my stack.

I guess i could've battled back but the very next hand CO limps, btn limps and i complete in sb with 7h4h. flop comes 5s6sTd and I think I make perhaps my biggest mistake of the tourny. I make a weak lead of about 14k into a 33k pot, CO shoves and i have to call, he shows QTo and i don't improve. I think i had two options; shove AI thus maximizing FE or chk hoping to see a cheap turn intending to fold to a huge bet. Unfortunately i was still too focused on the previous hand to play it properly.

Nevertheless it was a fun tourny and had i won that KK hand i think i could've made the final table and if i had made the final table i felt good about taking it down. Btw the guy who cracked my KK took 4th.



Defender said...

Hello there,

Thank you for linking me up. Let me know if you need any input on $25 NL full ring games. I have been on those blinds for the past few months. Just hang in there and don't lose your cool, it can be a very frusterating level at times.

-Mike Casalena

E z e k i e l said...

Sounds like another tourney well played. I agree with your post tourney analysis about your final hand with the OESD. Considering my short stack with 7k blinds I would have leaned towards the push on the flop more often than not. Keep up the good job!

Game101 said...

yea i really botched the last hand there... thinking about it i couldve even shoved pf. thats why its so important to move on from a previous hand and focus on the current one... i still had a big enough stack to make moves.

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