Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Good Night on FTP

Still not doing much on Stars but i had a really good night at fulltilt. I took 3rd in a $10 90 KO for $100.00. I felt i shouldve taken this down but it was not to be. I felt i played well in several smaller tournaments but didnt get anywhere.

I took a break, got something to eat and decided to put in a hour at 25nl tables. I had been 6 tabling but decided to try 9 tables tonight. That didn't work out so well so i 7 tabled instead. I ran really well, got paid off on my big hands and made my flush draws. Only had one major suckout when the flop came all clubs, i had the Ace of clubs but was up against a made flush and i got there on the river.

My bankroll is coming along slowly, it had dropped back to 324.00 but tonights results pushed me passed the $500 mark. I've also been playing tier1 satelites. My goal is to get 10 tokens, then start playing the large field guaranteed tournies.


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Defender said...

That increases your bankroll by what, almost 20%? Very nice session.


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