Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tale of two Sites: Stars|Tilt

My months always seem to go like this on Stars; At the beginning i have very nice scores then... nothing. Early in April i took 2nd in a $4 180 and 1st in a $5 mtt, total profit was around $1662.00. I also made two other FTs in $4 180 sngs but no top 3 finishes. It seemed i was heading for a break out month.

Since then nothing. I can't get deep in anything. The $4 180s that i was final tabling with ease, i can't seem to get out of the first hour now. My profits this month is down to $1,175.00, thats a $487.00 decrease!

I don't feel too bad though. I've been taking shots at different tournaments; Several $12 180 sngs, about 3 3+R sunday million satelites for about 7 buyins each and several $11 Mtts, all with no success. Oh yea and somewhere along the way i decided to try to multitable $3 45 sngs which didnt go well.

Thats been the story on Stars this month, hopefully i will have another big score before April is all Done.

Fulltilt on the other hand is still going nicely. I'm accumulating $24+2 tokens and running really well at 25nl fullring as well as getting deep in several KO tournys. Last night for instance i took 3rd in a $3 90 man KO sng, won 3 $24+2 tokens and won 2 buy-ins at 25nl full ring, all while watching playoff basketball... Well actually the tokens were won during the game, $3 KO and 25nl were post game, but you get the idea.

I'm taking some atrocious beats at both sites but i'm at least making coin on fulltilt. Meh. It will come around, i feel there's a big cash in my future... just a feeling ;)

btw tomorrow's my Birthday... I'm old!


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behhh04 said...

Hey mate any chance? you could add a link to my blog: and i'll do the same for yours. haha you'll enjoy my most recent battle with the stars $4.40 180 sng.

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