Saturday, April 05, 2008

Variance Is A BIATCH!!

Yea i've been playing mediocre to bad poker since the end of March and i know most players like to blame variance rather than face the fact that they are sucking big time. But i think i know the difference.

I played several $3 45 man sngs lastnight and took some of the most outrageous beats i've ever had. I'm talking about getting it in with flopped sets on the flop and being the loser by the river. It was sick, i think i lost at least 4 games with flopped sets lastnight. The good thing though is that i did not tilt at all.

I'm taking beats on both Stars and Fulltilt, but its worst on Stars at the moment. I played again this morning and i have to say i almost tilted. It was more of the same... I cant win a race to save my life, I cant win when i have them dominated or when i flop sets it seems. its brutal. And i'm talking about getting these hands in either preflop or on the flop, no cuteness.

Typical situation:
I get it in 3 times vs. 1 opponent in a $4 180 man sng this morning. Twice i have him dominated AJ vs. AT and AQ vs QJ and lose. Third time was a race, i flopped two pair in sb and he had TP+NFD.nh gg.

I can't even suck out properly. bb=800 My M=8 i shove in LP with A8, bb calls with JJ. I flop an ace...

ME:yay! finally my luck as changed!!
Poker Gods: not so fast my friend... Turn = club, river = club
Poker Gods: LOL BB wins with flush

/end whine

I think i've held up good so far, but will try to stay away from tables for rest of weekend.

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E z e k i e l said...

New reader and first time poster. I'm not sure how I came across your blog but it has been an interesting read. It seems as though you are in the midst of doing what I need to be doing, grinding your way up through low stake sngs. Keep plugging away and writing about it.

Variance is part of the game, everyone deals with it eventually. It is your job to overcome it and get past it. Accomplish that and it is something that will set you apart from thousands of other players who can't.

Good luck.

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