Sunday, April 06, 2008

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! 1st MTT Win!!!

Just took down my 1st ever real MTT. $5 FO with 1834 runners. Played the best poker of my life, stayed focused and in control throughout. I only had one major suck out that i remember and a few bad plays... but they were river extraction issues. I will probably do a write-up/review lata.

I have to give credit to PXF training site. I was running horribly as i said in my last post, so i decided not to play anymore yesterday. Instead i watched a few MTT vids by Sheets and i used alot of that today.

Was really sweet. I wasn't even nervous at the final table at all... perhaps it helped that i had a dominant chip stack... lol.

Had a few railbirds that were cheering me on. That was nice. thanks alot guys... leave a comment.

I will post again later. Going to take a shower and get something to eat.



E z e k i e l said...

Congrats on your MTT win! I know the feeling is quite exhilarating, it is something you'll never forget. Congrats again!

What site was it on? Forgive my ignorance what is $5 FO? I imagine that was a nice score around $1.8k or so? Nice indeed!

Anonymous said...

First of all, 'grats on taking down your first major MTT. Outlasting 1833 players is no small feat.

You played very solid poker throughout the entirety of the tournament. What really impressed me, though, is how you played the big stack towards the final stages of the tournament.

If you can consistently play at that level, another large MTT FT in near future is a very realistic goal.


p.s. I see that you are a student of the game. If you haven't already read them, I highly recommend Dan Harrington's HoH books.

Game101 said...

it was a $5 buy in MTT freeze out tournament with 1834 players. first placed payed 1.5k. I will probably remember this win for a long time. thanks for reading & posting, i've added your blog, looking forward to reading more from you.

thanks for the kind words and for the railage. consistancy is something i'm trying hard to achieve... hopefully it pays and i make a few more final tables in the near future.

I checked you out on and i see we're basically playing the same stakes. I'm gonna be posting alot of hands on here in the future, it'd be great to get your opinion on a few. Or if you have a hand that you want my opinion on i'd be happy to review it.


ps. if you have a blog i'd be happy to link you up.

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