Monday, May 05, 2008

Another So So Sunday

I partied more than usual this past weekend and as a result i was really out of it on Sunday. I just could not get in the mode to play. I tried to play some 180s but busted everything pretty quickly. After taking a nap i decided to play the 100k at 3:30. I was feeling much better and was able to get ITM, finishing 2182/22182 for $22.00 when my JJ < AQo.

That was it for tournaments but i did play 2hrs of 25nl on fulltilt, finishing up $66.00

Today i played a $3 MTT with 1613 entrants. I just missed making the final table finishing 11th when i reshoved with A9s in the BB vs LP raise with KQo. I was a short stack from the time we got ITM but was able to pick and choose the right spots to get it AI to steal or resteal.

I was pleased with my patience down the stretch and this proves that i can play as both a huge stack and a small stack late in tournies. Although i prefer the bigstack obviously :).

I will spend tomorrow reading, reviewing and watching PXF videos, so i will not be playing any tournaments.I will probably play several hrs of 25nl on Fulltilt.

Good News!

I passed my Stats course with a 78%(B)!!!!



Anonymous said...


I often have trouble balancing partying and poker on the weekends, I hear that. Seems like you are doing well with 25NL, keep it up.

Question: do you play 180 man sit and gos much? I was thinking about playing a few soon. Generally the only sit and gos I do right now are 45 person sit and gos. I was curious on the main difference between 45 man and 180 person gos.


Game101 said...

Hey Mike,

I think i average around 25 180 sngs each month, maybe more...

The level of play is pretty much the same, until you get deep. And even then there are some pretty bad players. Use OPR to judge level of your opponents.

Time is also a factor, the 45s last like 1hr 15mins max? The 180s last around 4.5hrs for a 1st place finish.

-Play tight you will get paid on your big hands early.
-Pace your play based on the blind level and know when its time to get active/shove.
-If you have a big stack.. steal 60%-80% of the time its folded to you in LP with a 3xbb raise.
- Be aware of stack sizes so you're not pot committed when stealing
-have a plan before you play the hand

Just a few quick points i came up with... but anyone beating 25nl should be able to beat these sngs. Its just a matter of adjusting to the changing conditions of the tournament.


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