Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Focusing for May

I've been slightly out of it so far in May. I just wasn't as focused as i couldve been over the past few days. I found myself playing without really thinking about what i was doing. Just opening tournaments because i felt the urge to play even though i knew i was sleepy/tired.

I had a really bad session at 25nl yesterday where i only made 30 cents after a couple thousand hands. I was all over the place, playing very loose and aggressively. opening a wide range of hands from any position... its a wonder i didn't loose money, but i probably shouldve ended that session up like 4 buy-ins.

The aftermath of that session was me taking a hard look at what i was doing and deciding to refocus on my goals for poker this year. Today I probably played my best poker for the month. I won another seat to the Sunday million playing the $3+rebuys satellite and i had a nice 1hr session on Fulltilt 7 tabling 25nl.


Pud's Poker said...

Nice ring game result mate! Do you use a HUD when playing cash games and if so which stats do you usually have displayed?

Game101 said...

hey Pud hows it going...

I use pokeracehud. I keep my display very simple. I have vpip, pf raise %, overall aggression, and number of hands played. Its arranged in a straight line above each player like the gametime display.

I'm not into the whole detailed display because you rarely have enough hands on a micro stakes player for that stuff to be accurate.


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