Sunday, May 11, 2008

OMG... its HOTTTT!!!!

Well it seems summer is officially here. All week its been really hot and today is more of the same. Since i'm working nights i have to endure it until i get to work and its really bad in the mid afternoon. I could turn on the Air conditioning, but with fuel prices the way they are i'm trying to avoid that.

I think it may also be affecting my poker game as well, its hard to concentrate when you're uncomfortable. Adding to that the latest Stars update seems to be messing with Poker Tracker so i can't get any stats. I played like this the other day and i felt naked. So i don't think i'll be playing today.

If the weather continues like this next week, I'll try to get in an early morning session and probably just go on the beach in the afternoons. I have a grill sitting in a box thats just waiting to be used... a few steaks, a few heinekens... sweet!



Anonymous said...

Jesus mate, 91F!! It's been around 75 here this weekend and it was scorching! Am I right in thnking that the Bahamas it's almost a constant temperature day and night? I was lucky enough to go to the Maldives in 2000 and it was 32C 24 hours a day!

As for the lack of stats, I strongly suggest you do the odd session without them. I've been 9-12 tabling recently and as my laptop is almost a dinosaur it sometimes struggles with PT, PAHUD and the software open soI have been playing blind. It really helps you play TAG and positional poker I can tell you.

Game101 said...

Hey Pud
The mornings and nights are ok. its mainly between 1pm - 5:30pm that you really feel the heat, once the sun goes down its nice.

I'll give stars another go today but i'll be playing more on FT until the stats are fixed.


E z e k i e l said...

I'm not sure if you've updated your pokertracker yet or not but there is a update out to address the latest pokerstars update. I downloaded and installed it and everything seems to be working okay now with pahud.

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