Friday, May 30, 2008

Playing Poorly

Wow, i'm sucking big time right now. I just continue to donk off my stack in tournaments. Even in the 180s, where a month or so ago i was a lock to final table with less than 45 remaining and a big stack. I'm just finding ways to lose. A major part of the problem is i'm over playing strong but not monster hands in marginal spots, especially JJ. But i've also busted with AT with just TPTK... sad.
Overall my play leaves a lot to be desired.

Its tough watching my bankroll drop, i've lost about $300 in the last week. But as always i'm optimistic. I'm playing more $6 45man turbos to build my confidence and get my aggressiveness back. I will buckle down and watch a ton of PXF vids this weekend. Hopefully i will take down something next month.



PHLUKKE said...

Hi there.
Sorry to hear about your bad luck.
I think confidence and having fun are the key . They will come back around.
I wonder if you might add my blog to your roll. thanks

Anonymous said...

Keep plugging away mate you've got the game to destroy these donkeys!

Does your bad run coincide with gf troubles that you mentioned a few pots ago? When ever I had trouble with the ladies I always went on a bad run! Maybe take a few days off and chill out with mates for a bit and come back refrshed?

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