Monday, June 02, 2008

May Results & June Goals

May turned out to be a pretty rough month for me. I'm down on both sites, although i still managed to make 500.00 profit on Fulltilt. I kinda lost my focus & desire there for a bit. I was busting everything in very poor fashion. I did go through some personal issues and that was a part of it, but i think the main problem was a two week stretch where my sleep pattern was completely out of whack.

I've played a few tournys recently that have me feeling pretty good about my game. At least i know its comming back to where i want it to be and i just have to continue to put in work. My mental game is my biggest leak right now in my opinion. This is something i really need to work on in June. I have to play only when i feel i'm not tired and can focus for the entire tournament.

June Goals...

-Study More Poker
Continue to watch PXF videos, Review my own tournaments and read HOH. I will also post one complete tourny handhistory for review each week on pxf. I don't know if i will get any responses but i will put it out there to be torn apart.

-Only play when able to Focus
This one is pretty obvious but still i am guilty of playing when tired, sleepy or distracted.

-Have a plan of attack
Right now i basically log on and jump in what ever tournament is available. I think i need to develop a consistant plan for what MTTs i'm gonna play. In addition to that i need to have a plan for the tournament... think chip goals for the end of each hour.

Thats it for June, hopefully i have better results this month

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E z e k i e l said...

I really think your doing yourself a great favor by continuing to be objective about your poker play over last month even though you booked a $500 profit at Fulltilt. It is also quite refreshing to see a poker player being honest with himself about improving his mental focus at the table. This is something everyone needs to work on yet many neglect to admit it.

Someone can tell you your faults day in and day out but until you actually see, realize and correct the mistakes you make yourself you won't make the progress you ultimately desire.

I'm still in the process of goal setting and determining what is the best way for me to achieve my goals when I return to online poker but I would like to offer a few words about your proposed goals for June.

I can't agree more with your desire to continue to watch videos on PXF and read HOH. I do like the thought of posting complete tourney histories in hopes of discussing the merits (or lack thereof) of your decisions made on each hand. Even if you don't happen to get the responses to your histories be sure to still critique them yourself and even join in as many discussions on the PXF forum or 2+2 as possible. I find myself doing too much lurking and not actively participating in discussions as much as I would like to. In my opinion the lack of participation on my part restricts how much I can actually learn and retain from the discussions.

You hit the nail on the head with the "Only play when able to Focus" statement. I've been preaching this to myself and others as much as possible ever since I made the realization that the urge to play poker must go wayside to the reality that to be successful, truly successful you need to treat poker as a business. Distractions, drugs, alcohol and other commitments can't interfere with your poker game, otherwise you'll ultimately end up like the other 90% of players out there; and they aren't profitable in the long run.

Lastly, your words about "chip goals for the end of each hour" might be too rigid in my mind. All too often I find myself wanting to be at a certain stack size or what not which ultimately leads to me trying too hard and pushing harder than what the table is allowing. Too often it seems my efforts are counter productive because you can only take what the table will give you and when you try to push it beyond those limits it seems as though disaster usually strikes.

Sorry for the last bit of doom and gloom but I applaud your efforts and determination to grow your poker game. Keep it up!

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