Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Haven't Updated in a while because i haven't been playing as much or that well. In times like these i tend to limit my play & posts until i get something going again. I feel things may be coming around some what so here goes.

After weeks of struggling and lack of focus i've decided to reboot so to speak. I've withdrawn about half of my remaining bankroll on Stars, leaving me with just over 1k. I will also be withdrawing most of my bankroll from Fulltilt leaving me with around $500.

On Stars i will go back to playing the $4 180 man sngs during weekdays and Mtts mostly on weekends. On Fulltilt I will run a number of challenges that should keep me motivated. I have just renewed my Pxf subscription for another 3 months, so i will continue to watch vids to improve my game. Most of my struggles to date have come from mental mistakes down the stretch that have left me disappointed and frustrated, but i know that i'm still improving.

- Isgrinder

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TugaSites said...

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