Monday, June 16, 2008

Sunday Tournaments

Today I felt pretty good about my play, the best i've felt in some time actually. I've been playing pretty good for the past few days. Bubbled a 180 on Wednesday then final tabled one on Thursday. On Saturday i finished 23/1538 in a $5 FO tourny.

I played in three tournaments on Stars today; The Daily 15k, The Sunday 100k and the $3+r 25k Guaranteed. I busted the 15k & 100k OTM after playing pretty good. I spent 7 buyins in the $3 rebuy and was playing the best i've played in some time, but took a number of beats that kept me from building a huge stack; TT < 88, AA < JJ, then AA < KJ. The first two were against the same villain but fortunately i had a huge stack and was left with about 10bb and i was able to battle back each time. Unfortunately having to play short stack ninja constantly eventually caught up with me and i busted ITM. But I never tilted and i felt i played a really strong game.

I don't normally play Fulltilt on Sundays but for the past week i've been playing several single table tier one tournys and mananged to accumulate 6 $24+2 tokens. I used one of those today to play in a $90 man KO. I took it down for $576.00, this is the 2nd one of these i've won and i'm always surprised at how soft the competition is.

To end the evening i played in a $7.60 36 man sng satellite to the MSOP. The Top 2 places paid, I finished 1st winning a $100+9 entry to the MSOP main event on July 5th which is a 250k Guaranteed NLHE tourny. I could unregister and use the money but i'm gonna continue to work on my game and take the shot.

So a pretty good day.


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Mr Origami said...

Mate, whats the chances of a link swap? if its ok!! :)

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