Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Still Pokering

Wow! I last posted here over 2 weeks ago. I just haven't been in the mood to post. I still play some what regularly... I have been running about normal; not like shit but not great either.

Since i withdrew from Pokerstars i haven't played there much and so i've not had good results there. My problem at stars is game selection. The $4 180 man sngs just take too long for the payout; 4.5hrs for $216.00. I just don't have that kinda time for that payout... if i'm gonna play that long i'd rather be playing a MTT. The $12 180 man sngs usually take 2.5hrs but are high variance and i have a limited bankroll on stars now. So i've been limited to MTTs on weekends at Stars.

On the other hand i find myself playing a ton on Fulltilt. They have a larger selection of tournaments in my buyin range and they seem much softer. In addition their Tournament dollars and $26 tokens are much easier to win. last month i won several buy-ins to $109.00 tournaments including the MSOP main event and also a $216.00 entry to the Sunday Brawl (Fulltilt's Sunday Million).

Using the tournament dollars i can play a lot of the higher buyin ($26 - $75)tournaments that get less than 1K entrants but still pay close to or over $5K for 1st. I've gotten deep a few times already but have ran my monsters into monsters to bust out late with huge stacks. but hopefully i will win a few of those hands and take down something soon.

I still haven't decided whether i will play in the MSOP main event though. I want to, but July 5th seems the be a really active night with a huge concert and several other events taking place. I'd hate to be home steering at a computer screen with all that partying going on. Will update on what i decide to do.



Pud's Poker said...

Welcome back! LOL!

Are you restricted to which sites you can play or have you free choice on where you play your trade?

Game101 said...

thanks pud, I as kicked off party poker and several sites would not allow me to join... seems they think i'm a USA player. But i like the larger sites anyway.

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