Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday Tournaments

My cousin is in town so we went out last night and I had a pretty good time. But as of right now 8:48am I'm feeling pretty good to play today. I may have some girlfriend (soon to be ex) drama later today, hopefully it doesn't throw me completely off my game.

Anyway I'm feeling pretty optimistic so i figure i will play up to 5% of my Stars Bankroll in tournaments today;

$22 20K Guaranteed @ 12n
$11 Daily 15 Grand @ 2:05pm
$11 Sunday Hundred @ 3:30pm??

$27.50 25K Guaranteed @ 8:00pm
$55 50K Guaranteed @ 9:30pm

Well thats close to 5%. Obviously if i go deep in any of the earlier tournys then i may not play the later set. I'm not sure if i really want to play the large field Sunday Hundred today... but its pretty soft, so we'll see what happens.

wish me luck!



E z e k i e l said...

Damn! I was planning on playing in the Sunday Hundred Grand but just missed registering by a few minutes. This is the first time in a long time I actually checked out tournaments on the Sunday and I'm totally blown away by the number of entrants. Totally insane!

Good luck bro, your going to need it with the size of that minefield!

Anonymous said...

Best of luck for today! I really hope to check back tomorrow or Tuesday and read you now have a $20k roll!

Game101 said...

lol. One of these days Pud, One of these days... just not today

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