Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday Tourny Results

Went out and got some lunch and a redbull just incase i go deep in anything and need the boost. Made it back just in time for the start of my first tourny

$22 20K Guaranteed @ 12n

- This is a deep stack tourny starting with 3k chips and 15min blinds

- I'm amazed at how bad the players are... I see one guy open shove with ATo and alot of overplaying TP... also very loose

- I take down a few pots... called a 4xbb r(bb=20) with 44 and flopped the boat 4s9s9d villain cbets weak and i smooth call, turn 2h villain chks and i bet like an idiot... failed to extract.

- several hands later i raise up several limpers with AQo and get called by everyone, flop comes 239r and i cbet little more than half pot to take it down

- Alot of loose play... i raise 3xbb (bb=30)with 98s utg+1, MP villain shoves +5k chips and is called by btn with +4k chips. showdown: A3s vs. AJs split pot on straight

- Next hand I raise utg with JJ, same MP villain that showed A3s last hand shoves again, no callers.. in 2+2 vernacular; I snap call, high five the monitor, pump fist

- Villain showed AJs... flopped the flush :( turned the royal flush for good measure:( :( and i'm out in 28minutes of play. sweet tourny though.

This was to be the theme for the day unfortunately. Instead of jumping into something esle right away i decided to wait the hour or so for my next tourny; the $11 15k daily.

- I played pretty good in this one and had a big stack +18k @ 200/400 50antes, when i made a pretty standard steal attempt with A3s.

- BB flat calls. Flop comes As4h3h... I bet little more than half the pot... villain c/r AI for +18k... he covered

- couldve flopped a set? but could also have a draw, yes? 52, A4? nah. Could i get away from this?

- I bet weak on a drawy flop, i was pretty active... I have 2pair hidden monster... So many hands i beat make a move here... hmmm

- I make the call, Villain shows AhKh for TPNFD and I'm a 55/45 dog on the flop. Turn Kd, River Ks. nh gg.

- perhaps i could've gotten away, nah. I think I'm way ahead there most of the time

- Just reviewed the tourny and i ran pretty well up front to build this stack. I had been pretty active... perhaps a bit too active for stage of the tourny and my stack size to blind ratio. But i had decided that i'd keep a real active image yesterday. That had nothing to do with busting out... just felt i couldve pulled it back a bit.

The 100k had started so i was still in a tourny. But it was mid day and it was another really hot Sunday. Then poker tracker decided to act up... freezing and taking Stars with it. When i got everything back up i was getting errors so i had to play blind again. So no tracker, I'm hot and uncomfortable... not a good combo.

I get it AI in SB vs BB with QJ vs AT on 99T flop early in tourny. Turn is a T for the boat obviously and i'm out of another tourny. Pretty large field though so i think i had to make moves early.

Oh there's more my friends.

Decided to let things cool down a bit. So i watched TV and slept till around 8pm when i got in the $27 25K Guaranteed.

- I was doing pretty good, had +6k chips at 75/150
- I raised KK utg... I get called by MP, SB and BB
- Flop comes KJ5r and i lead out for 1100 into a 1800 pot
- MP villain shoves, I snap call, high five the monitor, pump fist..
- Villain shows QTs. A on turn gives him the straight :( and i don't improve by river.
- I'm left with a functional stack of around 2500, blinds go up to 100/200, i'm below avg stack and eventually bust out.

At this point I'm done with the large field tournaments for the day and go on to play some $6, $12 and even a $27 45 man turbo sngs and a few $12 180s. I recover the days buy-ins plus $90.00 extra... so i didnt lose money on the day but not quite the profit margin i was aiming for.


If you haven't heard about him yet just want to bring your attention to this sick individual... 850k profit in May... so far.

One of these days... One of these days....


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