Monday, May 19, 2008

This week's Study Guide

Writing things down seem to make it more likely that i'll get it done. Just makes it more concrete for me i guess. So i've decided that i'll write down what i plan on studying at the beginning of each week.

After yesterday's tournys i didnt play at all today... just worked out, cleaned up my apartment, watched tv and browsed BBV forum on 2+2 (crazy/funny place!).

This week i want to focus on several aspects of my game;

  • Calculate EV in shove/re-shoving situations

  • Calculate EV of Calling a shove

These two here could probably take me the whole month really. I will begin tomorrow by scanning several MTTs, especially mid-late stages, for situations where i shoved, reshoved or called my bust out hand from yesterday now that i think about it.

  • Review rebuy tournament strategy

  • Review HU strategy for MTTs

These two are for when i get tired of the math :) between these four points i probably have my study guide for the month.

Rebuy tournaments have a lot of advantages over the regular FO MTT, but myself along with alot of other people have problems with them. I think rebuy hour strategy is critical... I will make a post on rebuy tournament strategy some time this month hopefully. In the mean time i will try to watch a few vids from the rebuy hr study guide on PXF.

It'd suck to finally get heads up for a big pay out and not be fully prepared. I've played my fair share of heads up in multitable sngs and in the $5 MTT that i won and have done well for the most part. I basically just play aggressive and try to out play my opponents. So i'm gonna do some research on Sage & Nash systems and watch some HU vids from the PXF MTT HU guide

Well thats really for the month really but i could possibly do some work on all of these areas this week... oh and i'm still reading HOH2.



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