Monday, August 11, 2008

Soooo Close!

To achieving my goal for this month! Finished 3/857 in the $26 11.5k Guaranteed on Fulltilt today for 2.2k. Besting my biggest score by about 700.00. I was easily the best player remaining but unfortunately got unlucky push botting with 9bb @ 25k/50k level. The guy who was the big stack at the time was horrible, had no idea how to play the big stack at all. Any way was still a nice score.

I played really well and i felt really confident at the table, I actually came back from about 500 chips in this one. Took some beats and gave some also... The guy who won the tourny had about 4 suckouts when we were down to 2 tables beginning with JTo vs. my JJ...its just apart of the game. You have to be able to roll with the punches and continue to play, otherwise you will never win at this game.

I am most pleased with how my mental approach has improved. I don't get rattled as easily as i used to and if i do, i am able to refocus easily. I feel confident that i will take down something soon. In the mean time i will continue to improve.



The blindman said...

Another superb result. I must say, I am very very impressed by such results in such large fields. I find it difficult to focus when the field is larger that around 200. How do you handle the early stages?

Game101 said...

thanks blindman

The early stages are probably the easiest part of the tourny... just play solid positional poker.

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