Monday, August 04, 2008

Playing Well - - 2 deep finishes

I'm really pleased with how i'm playing and how my game has improved. I'm getting stronger with every tournament. I finished deep in the 17k guaranteed, busting 25th out of 944 entrants and final tabled the $3 rebuy, finishing 8/728. In both tournaments i was able to accumulate a huge stack and use it to my advantage... My early game and mid game play is pretty strong, my late game play is getting stronger.

One common theme in some of my recent exits has been confrontations with other deep stacks, usually the only other stack that can do serious damage to me. I'm not sure this is the right approach, but i'm leaning toward playing more cautiously vs. the deep stacks.

I will review the hh and think about this approach some more.


The blindman said...

Great, great results. How long did those tourneys take?

Game101 said...

thanks blind man... they were both +5hrs.

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