Friday, August 01, 2008

August Goals

Well July is squarely behind me... played my last few tournaments tonight and it looked like i was going to do something in the $3rebuy on tilt but it was not meant to be. July was another rough month i finished with a -10% ROI. The end of the month was really rough since i'm in an extended downswing that has seen my bankroll drop from its peak of $2900.00 to 2400.00 in two weeks.

But i feel I'm still playing relatively well and can break out of this slump at any moment.It has helped that i've recently been reading alot of posts on the mental aspects of the game in the psychology forum on pxf. There have also been some really good posts by pro blogger Rex55.

I'm gonna start August with a clean slate and some old goals...

1. Win a MTT... Last time i had this goal was march and a week later i took down my first real MTT for 1.5k. So back to the well.

2. Play more Tournaments... winning large field tournaments is hard so i have to increase my opportunities. I figure i need to play at least 50... I'm part time at best so i'm limited.

3.Spend more time analyzing my hh and watching videos. I really need to take advantage of pxf sub better.

4. Maintain a positive outlook and approach to the game... I plan on using affirmations... something i read about in the pxf psychology forum... will post about it soon

well thats it for now. I feel that August will be my break through month.


Bo said...

Hey Grinder,

Just found you blog and have been enjoying the reads. I'm hoping August is going to be a breakthrough month for me as well, but so far it's not off to a good start... AA just cracked by 56o :-)

Just maintain a winning mindset and that cool 5-grand will fall into place before you know it. Best of luck to ya.


Game101 said...

Thanks Brian, hopefully those aces holdup more times than not.

Goodluck this month.

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