Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bitchin Post


I've never taken beats like these last few days... its just relentless. Its gotten to the point now that even when i completely dominate an opponent i'm not comfortable. Its ridiculous. I flop sets, and they flop the flush or hit runner runner for the straight/flush. I get it in with AA vs. A2s and the turn is 2 and river is 2, i get it in with QQ vs. 33 and river is a 3, On top of that i'm not winning any races.

also what the fuck is it with the open min raises recently... jesus!

In 5 tournaments tonight i've taken tremendous beats. No fancy play, just gettin 'em in. the level of play is awful... which is a good thing... its just that i'm getting crushed here. fuckin sucks. the other day i shove from SB with AKo and utg snap calls with T5s, TEN FUCKING FIVE!!!!... river is a 5 obv. MY GOD!

ah ok... thats all



PHLUKKE said...

God i know the feeling. You have my sympathies . Adam

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain mate, I went through a similar run a few weeks back where I'd have lost if they only played with one card!

Keep the faith and battle through!

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