Sunday, July 20, 2008

Deep Finishes & Final Tables

Over the past seven days i've made Six final tables. Two in the $11 90 man KO tournys finishing 2nd & 5th. Four in the $26 90 man KO tournys; finishing 8th, 8th, 2nd & 3rd. The two 8th place finishes was after playing short stack ninja for most of the final 3 tabs. The 2nd place finish i had a 3:1 chip lead and villain sucked out several times to win HU.

I'm happy to be making final tables but disappointed that i'm not taking any down. I will watch a few final tables on PXF and review my own to see what i could be doing differently.I feel like i've got a good grip on these 90 man KOs and will be using them to build my roll further. I'm pretty comfortable buying directly into the $26 tournys now with my bankroll just a little under 3K. But i want to get to the point where i'm playing the $55, $75 & $109 MTTs regularly.

Today I bought directly into the $17.5k Guaranteed tourny on fulltilt with a $75.00 buyin and played a pretty strong game imo. I eventually busted 54/758 for double my money. I really want to review this one asap, because at one point i had up to a 50xbb stack i think. But as the blinds increased my stack went down and down until eventually i shoved out of the sb with 15bb holding 88 vs. a late position raise which turned out to be AKs. Obv i lost the race. It was a good push but i'm thinking i missed some spots to chip up on the bubble. I didnt maintain my stack well down the stretch... prehaps playing too conservatively to make the money?

will update after i review.

oh btw.

JKruger206 (Observer): Finish it up grinder

I rarely pay attention to the chat while playing so i didnt get to respond to this note from the rail. so if you see me playing and try to chat if i don't respond its not that i'm being a prick, its just that i probably missed it. thanks Jkruger!

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