Saturday, September 13, 2008

Back on Track for September

I was really out of it the first few days of this month. I ended August making several deep runs with no significant cashes, So when i started playing in September i was impatient in the early stages tourneys as a result i busted out really early in all of them. I finally made the previous post about my goals which got me focused on what i needed to be doing.

With the proper mindset i signed up for the $26 32k and went deep but did not cash. While i was playing that i won a sat to the fifty-fifty and finished 25/1001 in it. I generally like to be in two tourneys at a time So i signed up for the $75 23k once i busted the 32k and bubble the final table, finishing 10/415.

So i feel like i'm back on track and playing really well.... this will be the month.

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