Tuesday, September 16, 2008

1st Coaching Session

I feel that my game has improved alot over the last few months, therefore the time seemed right to get some personalized coaching. I decided on MSCELL, a guest pro on pxf... he seemed to be well thought of and i liked his videos.

The session lasted almost 3hrs and went really well imo. He was able to point out some mistakes i was making. Honestly it was a somewhat embarrassing and humbling experience, because i thought i was playing really well, but it became obvious pretty quickly that i was making alot of mistakes.

Some of my biggest weaknesses seem to be hand reading and bet sizing. But there are several other little leaks that need work...

Completing SB too much... especially late when it seems i'm getting great odds
Overplaying small/medium pocket pairs... there are times when i should just let these go
Not taking full advantage of position
Not Planning for future streets

I will be reviewing several of my hhs for the remainder of the week with these ideas in mind. Hopefully i will get to play some this weekend and have a nice hh to go over in our next session, next week.


Mark said...

Also enjoyed his vids ... nice idea for taking the tuition - still remember those cash game vids you did... next stop guest pro on PxF???

Cheers, Mark

Game101 said...

lol guest pro... i'd have to really start crushing tourneys.. unfortunately thats just not happening right now :(

Wow i need to go dig up those vids... maybe i can learn something and perhaps get my love for cash... doubt it though

Gavin said...

hi nice blog, linked you up. Any chance of the same mate

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