Monday, September 29, 2008

The Quest for Consistency

At the end of August i had made so many deep runs that i felt that I'd take something down in short order. But nothing is guaranteed and since then I've been lighting money on fire. I think i let my game slip a bit... well not my game but my mental edge. I became impatient with the earlier stages and just did not stay sharp in general.

Over the past few weeks its become apparent to me that it takes a lot to make it in this game... just one moment of distraction in a tourney can lead to defeat. You have to play close to perfect... well not really, but you have to avoid the big mistakes. Try to make smaller mistakes vs larger mistakes.

When i talk about my quest for consistency, I'm referring more to my mental focus than how i play any particular hand. I think for most of September I've been distracted in one form or another. I kinda hit the wall this weekend with my worst sessions in some time... i busted everything early. I've vowed not to play the <$10 tournaments on the weekend ever again... but i am not in any state to play anything greater. So I'm taking a few days off to let this blow over and refocus.

I'll try not to play (much) for about a week or two. My mom is still in town, I have a project at work i have to get finished, me and some buddies are headed to New York to watch a football game on the weekend of the 10th and I'm starting a new workout in the morning. I'm gonna let a few of these things clear up a bit so that i can again immerse myself in poker.


Anonymous said...

All the top players have a common trait and that is consistency. Look at the likes of Bax, Mr_Menlo, Moorman, all of them seem to bring their A-game to the table each and everytime they play.

I on the other hand am either very good or very poor, no in between. Something I really need to address sooner rather than later.

Game101 said...

So true pud... Its a constant struggle, but I'm working hard on it.

Leon1234 said...

Whats up? I'm digging your blog and I would love to speak to you sometime. I'm new to the poker community and would love to learn more from you. Thanks

Game101 said...

thanks and good luck on your poker journey. Poker can be frustrating at times but if you keep at it you can make a little or alot of money.

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