Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Quest Continues

In my last entry I posted about the quest for consistency. I've observed some of the best online players such as BelowAbove and AJKHoosier and one thing I notice is their consistency. How do these guys make it deep in some of the toughest online tourneys so often with how much variance there is in MTTs? Firstly, I've noticed that these guys play a consistent schedule for the most part. Secondly they play higher buy-in and smaller field tournaments. You can confirm this yourself by checking out either guy on OPR.

Of course with the higher buy-in and smaller fields, it only stands to reason that the fields will be a lot tougher. That's why its important to always bring the A game to the table. I'm trying to study a lot more than i used to. One of the methods that I've just started using is reviewing public hh of the tournaments i normally play posted by pxf subs. I find this very useful because you get to see opponents that you will likely be playing against.

Another thing thats important is to maintain confidence. There is nothing that can hurt your game more than losing confidence... i recently went through a down swing that kinda shook me and i lost a big chunk of my bankroll. I got it back together after i dropped down to the $10 90 man KO and took one down. Since then I've final tabled a $26 MTT and finished 1st, 9th & 7th in $26 90man KOs as well as several deep runs in $10 MTTs. A good way to maintain confidence is to regularly play games that you have a huge edge in . So even though i want to play the $26 MTTs i will also play the 90man KOs because I can cash/win more often.

In Summary;
  • Play the same tournaments daily
  • Play the 90 man KOs to maintain confidence
  • Review public hhs of tournaments that i will play
  • Watch PXF videos

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