Friday, October 17, 2008

$26 90 Man KO Challenge

With only two weeks remaining in October I've decided that i need to up my play a bit. One of my long standing obstacles has been finding the time to play MTTs that usually take +6 hours. When I'm working the evening shift at work i usually get home around 6pm. If i immediately jump in then i can possibly finish a MTT by midnight, assuming i go deep. The problem is i need time to unwind a bit, so ideally I'd like to get started playing around 9ish or 8pm the earliest. Which means If i go deep i will likely finish between 2am - 3:30am... a bit too late.

So for the remaining two weeks of this month i will focus on the 90 man KOs during the week. I aim to play 4 tourneys max each evening and play my normal MTTs during weekends. So that would be 40 x $26 = $1040 maximum total investment for this challenge. I have no goals for ITM or ROI, but hope that it will be positive, if not I've already written off the lost.

During the Challenge i will try to blog my results each night and put up links to complete hhs on PXF or post specific hand histories for review here.

Start Date: 20/10/08

wish me good luck!


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