Monday, October 27, 2008

Bankroll takes a hit

Since my last post i've dropped about $500 playing various rebuy sats and regular $26 tourneys. Just haven't gotten anything going. But i don't feel bad about it, i've been through swings worst than this before and i feel like i'm still playing ok.

The sats that i've done the best in is the $3rebuy 36 player sng satellites to Event #8. But its a winner take all tourney so its perhaps the most difficult to close. I will play more to see how it goes. It usually takes 4 buy-ins or less get deep, so its good value imo.

Tonight i will continue my $26 KO challenge and try to recoup some of the loses.



Poker Shiznit said...

MTT variance = monster and looks like u play a lot of SNGs with only the top spot take all kinda stuff so variance is extra high...keep trucking though when u FT one of these big buyin MTTs its gonna be heaven

Game101 said...

I'm waiting patiently on that day my friend. Patiently.

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