Friday, October 24, 2008


I missed the FTOPS last time around, so i'm determined to play a few events this time. Lastnight i played a few sats and won a seat to Event #7 which is a $100+9 rebuy. Obviously i'm not going to play a $100 rebuy so i unregistered and registered in Event #24 which is the 500K $120+$9 NL KO on November 16th.

In order to limit the amount of bankroll spewage i'm gonna set out a plan of attack for the satelites to the events i want to play. I can only play NLHE so all other games are out and I seem to suck at 6 max tourneys and shoot-outs so those are out also. That leaves the following;

EVENT #8 - $300+$22
EVENT #11 - $1000+$60
EVENT #14 - $200+$16
EVENT #19 - $200+$16
EVENT #24 - $120+$9 - - - - SEATED
MAIN EVENT - $500+$35

These are the remaining events that meet my criteria... Namely NLHE. I will play Satellites for all of these events but will only actually play in the last three if i win seats. I will play up to $26 buy-in for FO Sats and up to $5 for Rebuy Sats. For the Main Event and Event #11 i will try to win $55 seats via the $7.60 sngs.

I feel its important to post this so i can have a plan of attack. I spewed too much of my bankroll over the last few days just registering for anything i saw available.


Poker Shiznit said...

gl with FTOPS

Game101 said...

thanks I will need it.

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