Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Poker and My Life

So its back to the grind and i'm not in a real positive frame of mind about the time spent playing poker over the past few years. I think i've played long enough to figure out that i don't like cash games. so this year i moved to multitable sngs and MTTs which seem more to my liking. I feel my MTT skills were at the sharpest they've ever been in August and October, but they've since fallen off imo.

Now with my bankroll down to a few hundred i'm back playing the donkfests that are the =<$10mtts and it has me reflecting on how i spent 2008 and if i want to spend 2009 doing the same thing. Is it worth it? Perhaps its time to move on... if not completely then there needs to be major adjustments. I feel i need to get out and socialize more, create some new hobbies and goals. Poker has taken up too much of my time.

However i still enjoy the game for the most part and the idea of making a few thousand extra by playing a game is very appealing. I just need to figure out a good balance and stick to it.


PHLUKKE said...

This is exactly how I'm feeling at the moment . I sympathise and look forward to hearing what you decide to do. regards . L4

Amatay said...

Balance is the key. Unfortunately i am shit when it comes to that stuff

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