Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Poker Goals for 2009

This post is a little late because i was not sure where i was in terms of playing poker. I have come to terms with the limitations of my poker future and have kinda given up on the dream of someday making that big score. I say kinda because its still there. I guess its just that i've come to realize that i'm not prepared to immerse myself totally in poker. Which is what i think might be required (for me) to have a chance at having the kind of results that some people see.

Even as a part time player, poker seems to demand alot of time, eventually pushing other interests to the side or out altogether. Perhaps its even harder for me because non of my friends play and i'm in a country where its frowned upon for the most part. (somehow playing poker seems to be looked on as more degenerate than buying "numbers" which is everywhere over here, but we have no official lotto because gambling is illegal... go figure) but i digress.

My Goals for poker in '09 is to use poker to supplement my income. I don't have any particular figures in mind. I want to be able to use my poker winnings for little odds and ends that i would not be able to accomplish with my normal salary. For instance so far this year i've withdrawn money to help with a property down payment and to purchase a new laptop.

There will be very little pressure to play everyday or study or move up etc etc.... This constant threadmill that many amateur players seem to be on. I still enjoy poker and will probably continue to play almost daily but i will not be consumed by it. I will play and move up when ever i feel like it. Poker is on the back burner in 09


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