Friday, February 06, 2009

February Update

I canceled my PXF sub today. I just couldnt justify paying the fee when i rarely used it anymore. When i have more time to focus on studying poker i will probably re-subscribe. But for now i'm busy with school and work.

I ordered a Laptop from an online store,, but it hasn't arrived yet. I'm taking a bit of a risk because it was an "open box" item. Which means it was returned to the store by a customer for some reason, was retested/refurbished and recertified by the manufacturer. I decided to purchase it because the specs were really great for the price. Unfortunately it has yet to arrive despite being shipped 2nd day. Not a good sign :(

Since my desktop pc died i've been playing on an old Dell Latitude i had sitting around. Obviously i have no hud or tracking software and suprisingly i don't really miss it. I'm still able to 3 table effectivel with a little table overlap. But for the most part i find that i really don't need the stats. The tracking software is probably more relevant to cash games.

January was an ok month. I finished just under 1k in profit, so it didn't turn out to be my best month though it looked like it was going to be earlier. I'm not sure about February since i'm gonna have to spend alot of time this month doing projects and assignments. I will put in the time where i can and see how it goes.

- Isgrinder


Jon Miller's $50,000 Poker Challenge said...


Hey man how is it going? I see you are still building that bank roll! Best of luck man! Wonder if you wanted to exchange blog links. I am going to post your blog as one that I read. Best of luck man!


Steve H. said...

Hi there,

I have become a follower of your blog after seeing your link on a mutual friend’s blog. I update my blog every day (well at least I try to).
My blog is about my poker exploits and my day to day activities.

I would be very grateful if you could drop by and become a follower of my blog. I’ll also put a link in for your blog – could you possibly do the same for me and put me in your reading list?

The blogs that I read are listed by the most recently updated, so the more you update the more hits you will receive from my site as you will be top of my list ;-) I have a comments section and I always return all comments.

Many thanks and hope to see you drop by soon

Steve H

Anonymous said...

hey Grinder . Figured I would leave you a message just so you would know you arent always speaking into the wind . I limped on to this blog following a link from Google to your variance in micro SnGs post . I will tell you on that post I noticed you wrote that bankroll management should mean reducing your buy in until bad streaks dont bother you as much . There is a similar train of thought in trading for the financial world . A trader taking losses was so worried he asked a more seasoned trader what he should do . He explained he was actually losing sleep at night over the situation . The veteran's advice "Sell until you can sleep " . Like you my bankroll management for MTTs and SnGs has mirrored that philosphy instead of using the "pat" formulas found on poker forums . Often my buyins are around 1 % but I will buyin even smaller .

Building is indeed slower but I find it very easy to keep bad streaks in a proper perspective and my game is more solid and consistent because of that .

Hang in there on your poker . Everyone dreams of the big payday but in reality poker is really a long term game to get to the big pay days you can actually keep .

Ukgatsby said...

update ?
gl gl

Anonymous said...

Hi mate, why no blog posts in like forever?

Hope all is cool where you are.


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