Friday, May 22, 2009

I'm a criminal?!

We have really weird and unfair gambling laws in this country. Gambling is only legal for tourists in liscensed casinos. But locals cannot enter these casinos and cannot legally gamble anywhere in the country. So basically, every time i log onto pokerstars or ftp i'm commiting a crime. And everytime i withdraw money and deposit it to my account, i'm engaging in money laundering. Crazy!

But recent incidents and public sentiment has me believing that gambling will be legalized with the next couple years. The arguments against it are wearing very thin so i'm optimistic.

In the mean time i'm still playing the occasionaly tournaments. This week has been rather unsuccessful with me busting out of everything.I've registered to participate in the "May takedown" on Stars. But i may have to unregister because i have a football game tomorrow at 5:30. will see how it goes, its kinda rainy so i may not go.


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