Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I've decided to write a book

And no its not a poker book or related to poker in anyway. For the past few years i've been very aware of the limited amount of ideas/solutions by the leaders in my society. I live in one of the worlds most beautiful places and its run by people with no imagination and seemingly no drive. The end result is the country is slowly spiraling out of control.

Violent crime is becoming common place, we have an over burdened judicial system that barely works, immigration is out of control, corruption is rampant, education is at an all time low. Politicians bluster and spew rhetoric, religious leaders quote scriptures and nothing gets accomplished. I feel compelled to speak.

I'm nobody special. No history of great prose or rhetoric that would make people want to listen to me. But i will say my piece. I have ideas and they seem more reasonable and helpful than those proposed by politicians. So I'm just going to put them out there in the form of a non fiction book. Hopefully it will be both interesting and enlightening to the general public.


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