Friday, May 15, 2009

Double barrel bluff - Don't Do IT!

Now that i'm back playing poker, I've decided to focus on my mental approach and decision making in tournaments. I recently final tabled a $4 180 man sng because i played really well and made only a few mistakes.

While reviewing today i came across a huge mistake i made that was typical of the mistakes i used to make.I fired both barrels on a bluff from the button into the big blind, who just happened to be the only stack on the table that could eliminate me.

Even though i won the hand, this was such a huge mental breakdown. I put way too much of my stack in the middle needlessly. In addition my bet sizing sucked. this was the one glaring mistake of the tourney and i went on to finish 3rd to a runner runner flush.



Rosie said...

I'm not sure thats so bad if you think hes betting a flush draw there, tbh. If you think he has J something though, perhaps not so good.

Game101 said...

the problem is it wasn't an effecient use of my chips at that point and time in the tourny, and these are the type of mistakes i have to avoid.

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