Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Time to Retool: back to the drawing board

I felt i played better lastnight than i did yesterday afternoon. but again i was cold decked, nothing was hitting and i was forcing things and managed to lose two buyins. My pre-flop game is basically solid but how i play some of those hands in adverse conditions leaves something to be desired. I also think some of my lines are pretty obvious, therefore i'm winning small on my big hands and losing big when behind. I also have a suspicion that i may have a significant timing tell.

I will perform an Indepth review of my hand histories. I havent decided if i will include 25nl or just stick to my 50nl hh yet. I will perform this review using a guide from BTP site. In addition to this guided review, i will perform an analysis of the following hands and situations;


  • oop and missed
  • oop and hit on dangerous/safe board
  • in position and missed
  • In position and hit on dangerous board
  • In position and hit on safe board but facing action


  • same as above


  • whats the best line for extracting the most value... against loose/aggressive/passive opponents
  • On dangerous boards

Suited Connectors

  • when are they playable?
  • against what type of player?

Basically this is gonna be one big line chk of common hands and situations, If i'm unable to come up with a conclusion from my hhs on a particular hand or situation i will post it in a forum. Hopefully this review will rereal my problems and allow me to get back on track. hopefully i will remain on schedule to move up to 100nl by the end of June.

This project along with my reading list will keep me busy for the entire month of June, i hope to get it all done and be a better player for it. I should still be able to play 10k hands next month as well as a few tournies.

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