Thursday, June 01, 2006

May Results & June Goals

May Results

This is a graph of my results for the month of may. In May i played 16k hands split 50/50 between 25nl & 50nl.

I started out doing really well, however over the last few days i've run into difficulties. Notice over the last 2k hands i'm on a down swing, and before that i was breaking even over a few thousand hands. this is all at 50nl.

So after 16k hands in may i'm at 7ptbb/100. For a total profit of a little over 600.00. I had hope to go over 1000.00 in a month for the first time, however things did not work out that way. Well there' always next month.

June Goals
  • Play 20k hands
  • Complete a full review of 25nl & 50nl
  • Post hands for review each week
  • Perform regular post-session reviews
  • Complete reading list: kill phil, HOH2, PG's little green book, TOP
  • Work on Tournament play


  • Workout three times per week
  • Eat healthier/cook more/cut down on fast food
  • Budget

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