Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I'm Back!!

Well its still too soon to say, But i feel i'm finally out of my downswing. I've tighten up my game and i'm playing better. The indepth review that i've started has definitedly helped in that regard. I recently played a 3hr session 5 tabling and was up on every table. I made 4+ buy-ins over 1661 hands @ 13.10ptbb/100 that session. that felt really really good after days of losing.

I'm still playing the bulk of my hands at party. I would perfer playing more at fulltilt so i can clear the bonus i have that expires on the 28th, but any time i open up four tables the software laggs a lot and its just not a good experience. I will try to play as much there as i can but I'm thinking of pulling out of there and signing up at poker room for the 5x bonus there. I have been burned bonus whoring before i hope this goes better.

goals update:

hands played
So far i've played 4500 hands this month... thats a nice pace.
hh review
I'm still in the process of reviewing my hhs. but i feel i've already benefitted from the process. Also i've implemented a pre/post session review that includes, big winning/losing hands, positional play and discipline.
Reading list and tournament play
I'm currently reading Killphill and should be finished it this week. I've implemented in my game and have been doing well. I final tabled today but finished 9th, still its good to make the final table. I hope to build on that.

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