Friday, June 09, 2006


Today I had my best day since I started playing full ring. I played 865 hands with a win rate of 39.5bb/100 for a total profit of 453.00 in one day. 41% of the profit came from 50nl on party the majority came from fultilt @ 100nl over only 278 hands.

what i've come to realize is that table selection is the most important determination of how well i do. My game is solid but the level of my competition will affect my winrate. for instance at a 100nl fulltilt table i was playing there were 2 players rated by PT and HUD as extra-loose and 2 rated as Fish... a gold mine... they were terrible and would pay-off with anything. Top pair was often good enough to take down a huge pot. where as at party it seems much tougher at times and even when you make a good hand its hard to get paid off.

I have to recognize these tough tables and leave for greener pastures ASAP.

I haven't had a chance to play any more tournies... its been hard to put aside the 3hrs+ needed to complete one, but i've continued to read and hope to play some more in the near future.


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