Monday, December 24, 2007

Sunday Tournaments

I only played two tournaments yesterday...a $4/180 and a $5 MTT FO with 2718 runners. The 180 was a dud. I picked up KK first hand and got it AI pf vs. EP raiser who had AA... I went out first hand in 180th place. There is just no way i am folding KK pf ever in these tournaments.

I played really well in the $5 FO, but ran into my old problem of "Time" & distractions. With about 55 player left i had 246K in chips and was in 10th place, My ladyfriend came by and we sat in the car talking for about 15 minutes... when i came back i had 168K in chips, there were 34 players left, i had switched tables and was now the short stack. blinds were 3000/6000/1000a (i think). I eventually pushed over a EP raise with AQs, was called by 77 and busted out in 30th for $24 profit.

I just checked the results and the tournament lasted 8hrs! I just don't know how i'm ever gonna get 8 uninterrupted hrs for a tournament.sigh. Something will have to work out.

Best wishes to all and Enjoy your holidays


snoopy1239 said...

See, it's true, women and poker just don't mix. :-P


Game101 said...


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