Friday, December 21, 2007

Another 2nd Place Finish

Did not play any poker Yesterday, so when i got home around 1:30am lastnight i was itching to play. Fired up some 45s and a 180. Got in the money in just 1 of the 45s but was running well in the 180.

About 15 minutes into the 2nd hour i won a big three way pot that put me in first position in the tourny. I haven't posted any hands in a long time on this blog because i usually make these entries at work. I will try to include a few hand histories in the future. Unfortunately i can not remember the exact hand right now.

I usually don't like taking the lead early in a tourny because its sometimes difficult to play out front. How aggressive should i be? The blinds are worthless compared to my stack. Its very easy to become too passive and allow others to take advantage or too aggressive and spew chips. I think i found the right mix in this tournament and was able to continue to accumulate chips while keeping my image strong which allowed me to steal with relative ease. I held the lead going into the Final Table.

My heads up was again a let down. I made two huge mistakes by again pushing weak hands when it was not necessary to do so. I will get this ironed out eventually. Tournament ended at 6am this morning... not a good idea to start so late.

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