Sunday, December 30, 2007

$4/180 win

I haven't played at all this week, but have been doing some reading. I've just started reading HOH2 even though i had it since last year. Well the reading must've helped because i played two tournaments, busting 20th in one and taking down the other.

I felt i played really well in both tournaments. In the tournament that i bubbled i came back from a short stack with some really nice play, if i do say so myself. But my mistake in that tournament was not adjusting properly to my image and i got called down by a huge donk after firing three barrells on a very dangerous board. This guy could've been beat so many ways it was just crazy what he called down with. But i guess he had a read and took a stand. That left me short again and i had to push bot.

Yesterday was a good day all around. I was able to play my tournaments,get a win. And go out to a sports bar to watched Football, shot pool and karaoke with my lady friend and her sisters.

Today i wanted to play in the $5 FO that i monied last sunday which starts at
1pm but my brother just called and he needs a ride to work for 2pm, so thats out. There are 3 more tournaments that i could possibly play in;

3:30pm - - 100K guarenteed - - $11 buy-in
5:15pm - - 360 max entrants - - $16.50 buy-in
7:00pm - - 20K guarenteed - - $11 buy-in

I'm not sure what we're doing tonight but there was talk of seeing a movie lastnight. If we do, that will knock out all of these tournaments. Which will be sad because i'm feeling really good after my win yesterday. But gotta spend the quality time.

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