Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Island Grinder 2008

2007 was an interesting year. I went from sngs to full ring cash to 6 max back to sngs and now MTTs.I have not tried any other forms of poker besides NLHE. I've decided that i will be mainly a MTT player for now. I'm simple not up to the grind and variance of the cash games and right now it doesn't feel like i will be up to them anytime soon.

My game improved a lot in December, which was my best month since i started playing sngs again. I played 45 180sngs... bubbled 5 times and got ITM 7 times. I made the FT everytime i got in the money, finishing with 2 wins, 2 2nds, 6th, 8th & 9th for a 400% ROI.

My Bankroll now stands at $1100.00, which is more than enough for the $4/180 sngs that i currently play. However,I am not interested in just trying to grind the 180s for a monthly profit, instead i will begin preparing for and taking regular shots at large field MTTs. Of course I will still play the 180s regularly also.

I will eventually join a training site, most likely PXF. But i will not do so until Feb/March because i feel that there is still alot that i can do on my own to improve my game.

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