Friday, January 04, 2008

Reading and Plans

Haven't played at all this week. But i've been hitting the forum and reading alot, Mostly 2p2 and HOH2. 2p2 is a great resource and all other forums reference it, so i rarely read any other forums although i visit several blogs.

As for poker books, i think that the definitive books on MTTs and cash games have been written. And what is not in any book that i have can be found on the forums for free, therefore i think its unlikely that i will purchase another poker book anytime in the near future.

I currently own;

poker for dummies... never read this one
play poker like a pro? by phill hellmuth

These two were my very first purchases before i'd discovered any forums or knew anything about poker... waste of money imo.

Definitive works
Theory of Poker
No Limit Holdem: Theory & Practice

Kill Phil 1
Phil Gordon's little green book

Thats it. I can reread several chapters in any of these books (besides the first two) and still find useful info.

I have been thinking of making some changes to the blog. During my research into PXF one thing i noticed, and it was the same when i was a member of Cardrunners, was the lack of low limit videos. When they do a low limit video it would invariably be 2/4 NL (CR) or 11R(PXF) which is still high for the average micro stakes grinder. While you can learn much from these videos i alway thought it'd also be great to actually see videos of situations that we encounter at our level.

To that end i will put up some more videos of bubbles/ITM/Final tables and whole hand histories of some of the tournaments i've played. While i cannot promise that they will be played perfectly, hopefully they can be of some use to other players who play the same levels.

I will also try to post a little more about my life. I'm not one for the social blogs and really don't like the "poker" blogs that have more personal than poker content. But i will probably add a few post here and there with personal content to keep it interesting.

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