Monday, January 07, 2008

Weekend Update & Junkanoo Parade

My ladyfriends sister got married on Saturday and everybody seemed to be implying that we were next. We just smiled and ignored the comments and went on like nothing was said. By the end of the night she was completely drunk and had to be helped to the car. We spent most of sunday together so i didnt get to play any tournaments until that evening. I played in a $5 FO, finished 855th and in a $10 360max entrants along with a few 180s, But didnt finish get deep in any.

This morning i got up early and decided to play a $2.20 128max headsup winner take all tourny. I finished in 20th place having won two heads up matches which were really easy. My third opponent and i were more evenly matched. I got down early and was fighting back for most of the match, finally going out with KJo vs 75o on a J75 flop. Probably should've pushed pf... meh. These are good for developing a good heads up game... i will definitely play this tournament again.

Junkanoo Parade
Each year in The Bahamas on Boxing Day morning and New Year's day morning we have a huge parade called "Junkanoo". It is similar to Carnival or Mardi Gra and is rooted in our African heritage. I thought i'd just put youtube link up to show people what its like. This one shows the costumes better than any other that i found, but the music is not the best. The music is key to junkanoo... you feel it and just have to move.

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