Thursday, January 10, 2008

$4 180 Sit N Go Final Tables

I've now made two final tables in two days, finishing 7th & 8th. The level of play was astonishing. From my sample of tournaments it is normal for up to 60% to have busted by the first break. However, in one of today's tournaments 70% of players had busted by the break and i had accumulated +10k chips. I was able to make the final table in this tournament but was stuck behind a maniac who eventually busted me with a really bad call preflop.

Here are a few other hands from my other tournies

I'm happy with the way i played this hand... his preflop was really bad and then i guess he put me on AK/AQ.Players always seem to put you on AK at this level.

Trying to short stack ninja in this tourny with about 57 left i think. This has got to be the most ridiculous call i've ever seen. But it shows what these players are capable of.

I'm dissappointed that i didnt win any of the Final tables but i'm pleased that i made the final table in the first place. Thats about 8/8 times of making the FT when i made the money.

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