Sunday, January 20, 2008

First MTT Final Table

I made my first Final table in a real MTT saturday. It was a $5 FO with 1784 runners and i finished 3rd for $652.00. 1st paid $1868.00, it would have been great to win my first MTT final table, but i made a mistake when we were 3 handed that cost me the tourny.

I was really pleased with how i played overall. I got lucky when i had to, won most of my races, got paid off huge on some of my monsters, made some good lay downs and remained aggressive and patient.

I havent made anymore final tables in the 180s, but i've busted 19th twice now after playing relatively good poker. I'm starting to make bad plays down the stretch again that have kept me from going deep. I now find these tournaments really soft. Its easy to get down to 50 players and then its just a matter of execution. I really should be winning more of these.

Sunday was a bust although i managed to get ITM in a $12/180 turbo but busted 12th. I am not sure i will be playing many of these because they're just too fast. I was in push bot mode way before the first break. Otherwise Sunday was a dissappointment.

I decided that i would play the 100K and a $180 on Stars and two $5 FO on UB. I was running really well in all tourny's when i started to realize that i could not handle them all. Then for some reason UB started freezing my pc... i would time out of hands, only one card would show etc. etc. This has never happened before and i know my pc is fast enough because i have a 3.2GHZ processor and 1.5GB of RAM. This threw me off my game and kinda tilted me. I soon busted all tournies. I simply shouldve thrown away the UB tournaments and focus on the 100k... but i was running so well that i didnt want to let them go and it cost me.

I encountered one of those dream situations that every poker player dreams about;

Blinds 4000/8000 800ante... I have 226K and i'm dealt AA in SB... Its folded to BTN with around 90K, he makes it 24k i almost shoved AI but decided to just min rr to 56K... BB with 254K then proceeds to shove AI... OMG!!!! lol GOD that was beautiful!

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