Monday, December 17, 2007

Finding time to play

Its been dificult over the past couple of weeks to find time to play. I have free time but all free time isnt necessarily the best poker time. I've been sick for the past weak and a half, i've had dates or my lady friend wanted to talk on the phone. Its been hard to find that 3.5 hrs of uninterupted time needed to play the 180s amongst these distractions.

Despite all the time issues i've been having, i've managed to make 2 more final tables finishing 9th & 6th, bubbled once in 19th and gone deep twice busting 30th and 28th. I've also won several $3 - $6 45 player tournies. Not great results, bankroll is increasing, but still haven't played really well.

I eventually want to play large MTTs so i will have to work out something with these time issues.The large field MTTs normally take 7+ hrs to complete.

Good News!!!

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