Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tilt & Mistakes

Played alot of $3/45 tourbo's lastnight and the level of play was so bad that i tilted. I usually just take my beats and continue playing but the cards these guys were showing down after get reraised pf and calling flop bets were just too crazy.

I just lost it for a minute and cursed everyone on the table and upped my aggression through the roof. I was raising and cbetting anything that moved. I quickly busted two tournaments but settled down with my aggression intact.I played 15 $3/45 tournaments, got ITM 4 times with a ROI of +200%... so that worked out well.

aggression is very important... i will make a post about it soon.

So while playing the $3/45 tournies i'd usually have at least one $4/180 tourny open. I played 3 last night, I busted early in one, got relatively deep in the 2nd and Final tabled the last one.

Unfortunately i busted 9th. I've noticed that in 2 of my last 3 final tables i've made horrible plays to bust early. It is particularly disappointing because there were some really weak opponents with huge stacks. In fact i just checked startracker and the 1st and 2nd place winners were two of the weaker opponenst at the table. I feel like i burned money. Honestly that was an all new low lastnight... after i made the play and got busted i just sat there for like 15minutes in disbelief. What a DONK!

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